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Rain gives us a little insight into the almost-mythical story behind the diva that she is. From Baltimore to DC and throughout the DMV, Rain has developed a next-level sense of divaness. She puts it best—“with the fashion and the no smiling, it just came into a fierceness.”

LISTEN UP to hear more about that fierceness and check the plug at the end for the upcoming Coup Sauvage and the Snips show. Be sure to make it out to the Black Cat on September 14th for a real life DIVA lesson from the Snips and their crew! For more info: 



DIVA. CITY. — We’re coming at you with a late summer DIVA Duo. Crystal and Rain are not only the flyest people on the block, they are actual divas and sing as the Snips of local music sensation Coup Sauvage and the Snips. Be sure to check out the end of Rain’s audio to hear how you can get a real life lesson in Diva and Flyness from Crystal and Rain at the next Coup Sauvage and the Snips show!

Is there an aura of major divaness in the room? Blame it on the Rain. Whether she is inspired by Pebbles Flintstone or the prom queen, Rain keeps it real and is always simultaneously a boss and a diva. Whether you aspire to be fly or already consider yourself a DIVA, you could learn a thing or two from Rain so listen up!

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Crystal shares her diva secrets that run deep: her mother was a seamstress and it has instilled in her a fierce attention to detail…and a fierceness and flyness in general. Listen up to hear how she keeps it fly in a multitude of situations. Crystal says she doesn’t know whether she is a diva but once you hear her advice and see her easy style you will recognize the DIVA that she is.

DIVA.CITY — We’re coming at you with a late summer DIVA Duo.  Crystal and Rain are not only the flyest people on the block, they are actual divas and sing as the Snips of local music sensation Coup Sauvage and the Snips.  

Crystal hails from the far of land of Ohio, but with deep roots in attention to detail her stylishness easily conquers the streets of DC.  She maintains the perfect balance of style and comfort which is crucial for a diva as she goes from sidewalk to stage. 

Make sure to check out Crystal’s wise words of divaness here.



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Listen to the wise words of advice from these DIVAS, photos below, who participated in “The Will To Adorn: African American Diversity, Style and Identity.”

DIVA.CITY. — Last weekend, Diva City hit up the annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. This year, one of the focuses was "The Will to Adorn: African American Diversity, Style, and Identity." Folks from the DMV and beyond were featured in daily panels, discussions, and performances. In addition to the events, there were highlighted jewelry designers, tattoo artists, clothing and shoe designers, hair and makeup artists, and a daily runway show. We managed to catch a few fashionable Divas about what they are wearing and how they engage in the world of style. Be sure to listen to the audio—in under five minutes you will get a wealth of knowledge and advice about being fly in the DMV. This episode gives a special shout out to MD—the home of all three of these Divas!

Please check out Boho Designs (designer featured at the beginning of the audio) at 



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Diva Liberation breaks down the difference between authentic style and hipsterism. While his style was born in Texas, it has been seriously honed by DC’s natural stylish energy as well as his process of self-discovery.



DIVA. CITY. — In the midst of high speed winds and frigid temperatures, Diva Liberation is too cool to care, achieving serious Diva status. Coming at you with the perfect balance of accessories old and new, he uses his style to break down barriers and tell his own story. Make sure you hear him talk about why he isn’t a hipster—and how you can tell the difference between hipness and authentic style.



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Listen to Sophia tell it all—whether she considers herself a diva, how she braves the winter, and how DC’s inherent flyness has affected her.

DIVA. CITY. — Winter is a true test for all Divas, but Sophia makes it look like a cakewalk (or a catwalk?)—check out how she does some serious accessorizing and rocks big hair despite major fog and precipitation. Even though a misty rain was falling during this photo shoot, Sophia’s diva look and attitude reign above the rooftops of DC—check out the audio to hear how she stays a Diva in all weather. Photography by Luna, new contributor & longtime Diva!